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Rouen Sud Oissel
Hotel The Originals Rouen Sud Oissel
31 rue Désiré Granet
76800 Saint Etienne du Rouvray
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Home > Events > Show at the Zenith of Rouen

Show at the Zenith of Rouen

Night of drunkenness the famous play is on display at the Zenith of Rouen on Sunday 20 January.

Josiane Balasko author of the original piece rewrote the cult comedy to adpater to a new situation.
For this brand new version of the play, it is Jean Luc Reichmann in the role of the favorite host of the French who after a night of drunkenness wakes up beside a man he does not know!

Jean Luc Reichmann is accompanied by Thierry Lopez, Stéphane Boucher for this interpretation version 2019 not to be missed!

At the Originals South Rouen Oissel (ex Inter Hotel), the comfort and quality of services at low prices is possible!
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